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This was one (if not the most) memorable time in my DJ life. Not only was the event unbelievably packed and had great energy; having T-Pain allow me to rock with him on stage was everything. I asked him what songs he wanted to do since we didn’t plan anything prior to his arrival, he responded “all the hits you have.” We ran through his whole catalog and the crowd was in an uproar singing each word. After the magical high ended as the performance was over, T-Pain gave me a hug and said he respected me. This goes down in history for me! Shout out to Social SF, Luther B, and Brian V for letting me rock.

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Brandon Fox wins Industry Award

I didn’t know what to expect when going to DJ Romeo’s first annual SF Industry Award ceremony. I knew I wasn’t going there to win an award (but thanks for everyone who voted #FoxFridays as #1 party), but it was a outright shocking to be commemorated for the ‘Comeback of the year’ as a tribute.

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After being out of commission majority of the season from a motorcycle accident, it was a treat to be able to make it back to the team by the last home game of the season. I was greeted by the staff and welcomed with a feature on the 49ers game-day program. It was an honor to be announced back on the team! If it looked like I was emotional on the big screen, it is because every moment of it hit a place deep in my heart.

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For a few months now I have been on tour with rapper/producer AKA Frank. To end the season, he kicks off his first annual AKA-DAY event. The show was a success and special guests included K00lJohn, Young Bari, and the 10-year anniversary for the Diligentz (Jay Ant, Aka Frank, Prank, Damey). The crowd went bananas to hear some of the classics “Bopular” “Pinnochio” and of course their hit single that started it all, “Punk Rock.”

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The funny thing is that I played in Seattle the weekend that the Seahawks lost in the playoffs. The very next week I played in Denver while the Broncos are getting ready to play the Patriots.

The music scene is pretty legit in Denver. We played at a lounge downtown and there was a bunch of local artists. Being from the Bay Area, it is always nice to see people have a sense of pride to represent where they are from. Shout out to AKA Frank and J.Stalin for bringing me out!

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I just wanted to talk about my experience getting to play in Seattle. If you didn’t know by now, I have been traveling with AKA Frank across the West Coast. It’s been a roller coaster to say the least. I have literally been hopping on flights day after day. I would work at home in the Bay Area, DJ at night, catch the first morning flight out to wherever Frank is performing, do a show with Frank, and then fly back home to work again.

Seattle is an amazing place to be. It isn’t too far off from how the Bay Area feels. The people out there show us a lot of love even if our football teams are rivals. Frank did his thing and even found time to make music in the studio (shout out to Zac Lavene).

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Despite the 49ers having a tough year, true fans will make it through even to the last game. The AMPSQUAD DJs took their stations and respectively rocked out to help the fans have fun from the Faithful Mile to inside Levi’s Stadium. Brandon Fox, Miles Medina, The Les, and DJ Amen rotated during the game and the crowd was loving it. Special guests included: HBK P-LO, Prince Sole, CAL-A and Aaron Lau from FreeBread. To top off a great day, the 49ers won the game in overtime.

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This may be the next best thing to being selected as an NFL Player… well to me it is. It is an honor to be one of the six members for the 49ers AMP SQUAD. We will be entertaining Niner fans from the official Faithful Mile tailgate and throughout the in-game experience from the BudLight patio. It is going to be a fun season getting to do this with my friends: DJ ERock, DJ Amen, Romeo Reyes, Miles Medina, and The Les.


Click the link below to see us on the 49ers official website!

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I have been holding this announcement in for a while and really I just didn’t want to jinx it until it became official. Today I was escorted into the 49ers locker room and met with my friends with fresh jerseys on hangers. Stepping onto the field and doing press shoots felt so surreal. Shout out to DJ E-Rock and Joe Legaz for putting together an amazing opportunity for all of us. What makes this sweeter is that this team is constructed of DJs with an impact; DJs who are my friends (Miles Medina, DJ Amen, DJ E-Rock, The Les, Romeo Reyes). 49ers is the team I grew up loving, and the excitement running through my veins anxiously waiting for football season to start is a feeling I cannot explain with justice.

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