Young California put together a successful weekend for the quarterly meet up. We were able to listen to new music from artists and hang with some of the music industry’s stars. One star I would like to mention highly is Anjali. Not only does she have songs out right now with artists like Tyga, French Montana, and Sage; but Anjali is one of the most positive influencers I have ever met. She helps run a non-profit organization that aids to endangered species (Jaws & Paws). So if you take a look at her instagram profile or just follow her in general, you’ll see her one day recording in a major record label studios, and the next day thousands of miles away trying to spread awareness about animal cruelty like Shark Finning.

Just to make matters even better; all of her profits through music is donated to the Jaws&Paws organization. Anjali makes great music and puts all that positive energy right back into the world. I have nothing but respect for this talented young lady!

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