I used to live in KoreaTown (K-Town) a subsidiary of Los Angeles, CA. Coming back to DJ in what may be the coolest venue I have ever mixed at. Apartment 503 is in a business building on the fifth floor. The whole idea of having a party that doesn’t look like a party, reminds me of the New York nightclub scene. The venue inside is covered with hand drawn art that looks comical. The DJ booth looks like a sketched boom box. The music format was to play the pop classics, which is always a good time! I really appreciate my TastyLBC family for coming through to entertain the party. Shouts to DJ Butch, Aaron Adri, Garrett, and the missing Koonce. We brought about 20 Bay Area friends in there to bring the party to another level. Special shout out to the new KTown residents who came through: Aaron Kai and Aaron Lau.

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