FoxFridays Finale ft. India Love

We did it! 6 years of #FoxFridays goes into Bay Area history. As we concluded the series, we brought out the beautiful India Love. Shout out to Lunar Jones and Concrete Hill for helping me put this event together. Major shout out to YOU, we cherish everyone who came out and supported this event. I am beyond thankful to all the supporters through out years for each and every event. Thank you Young Bari, D-Mac, and LoveRance for performing with me on stage. Thank you to AKA Frank, Derek King, IAMSU, and the Pink Dolphin crew for hanging with me. DJ GIO!!! That man has been DJing my birthday for the past 3-4 years in a row, I love you bro! Shout out to DnG, Gee you've helped me take this brand into a higher level and I'll always be thankful. Photo coverage by: Ian & Ben.


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